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Client Testimonials

Sorry again,  The info below is totally bogus images and text. We’re not trying to trick you with this info.  Instead, this is how our Do-Ot_Yourself tools work.  Create a page in all it’s glory with the colours, formatting, links and all, using fake stuff to to allow you to see how it’s going to look.  Once you have that part nailed down, replace the dummy data with live pics and words.  This technique leads to excellent looking blogs and text in record time.  Kind of cool, right?

I thought we were going to have to close our company’s doors for good. We’d talked to marketing companies and advertising experts all over the country, and they all told us the same thing – you need to change your company. NTP helped us without demanding change.

Sierra Sanchez

Our company was started in a garage and we liked the laid-back attitude and can-do spirit that developed from that culture. We weren’t willing to give that up and wear suits and ties every day, and if it meant that we had to stay a small player in the market, so be it. NPT changed our game up.

Scott Foley

The last executive coach I hired before I talked to Nathan at NTP Partners pretty much wanted me to give up all control of my company to some Wall Street CEO. I built this business with my own hands and wasn’t going to hand over the reins. Nathan trained me instead of replacing me.

Stacy Holmes

I’d worked with too many consultants in the past who wanted to change everything we stood for. “You need to be more professional,” they told me. Therese helped show me how we could grow our business without sacrificing everything we stood for.

Ava Smith

Let’s be Partners.