Become THE Destination for Your Market

Are you a leader or a follower?  If you’re one who is willing to wait until others prove that something works, this opportunity is NOT for you.  If you want to wait, we wish you well.  Please click here to find something more suited to your preferences.

If you’re a leader, someone who knows the value of being first, then this opportunity is exactly what you’ve been looking for.

Be Seen as the Leader in your Field

  • Create a Destination for your market
  • Be the recognized thought leader in your space
  • Earn money by creating opportunity for others
  • Save money and be first by getting started NOW!






Be first. Be the leader and make OTHERS CHASE YOU

Sure, it’s more effort to blaze a trail than to follow a path created by others.  The problemk with following though is that the gold at the end of the trail has already been taken by the time you get there.  Being first is the BEST WAY TO MAKE THE MOST MONEY.

  • Create a Destination

    Do you plan your week around watching shows?  Not too many of us do any more.  We have our favorite channels and when we sit down in front of the tube, we immediately look to see what’s playing on our favorite channels.
    That’s exactly what happens with a Global Nexus channel as well.  You and those who have placed a show on your channel create a place where those in your space automatically tune into because they know whatever show is currently playing, it’s always the kind of thing they want to watch

  • Be the Leader in your Space

    People do many things to “prove” they are the expert they claim to be.  For this past few years, the common thing to do was to write a book.  Now, there are thousands of people buying a chapter in a collective book and calling themselves an author.  Clearly, authoring a book as a means of standing out will not work for very much longer.

    What’s the next big thing?  Being the star of a TV show!

  • Make money helping others

    If you build it, they will come.  Other people who are in the same marketplace will be attracted to your channel.  Why?  Because you’ve already created a place where their target audience already collects.  That collection of the right kind of people is worth a LOT to those in the same space.

    Make money the old fashioned way… earn it by helping others

  • Let us do the work for you

    You are already a very busy person, doing the marketing, coaching or other professional thing that’s got you to this point.  How could you possibly fit more work into your schedule?
    You do more by letting us do it for you.  A Global Nexus TV channel comes with an entire team of people to operate it for you.  From scheduling and tech support to billing and collections, Global Nexus TV handles it all for you, and then sends you both a monthly statement AND your money.  Talk about easy!


  • BE FIRST. There’s simply no better way forward

    Be the first to create a TV channel in your field.  You’ll get the best shows and you’ll capture the biggest audience.  Others will be in a position of trying to catch you… and of course you won’t let them!
    Being first has it’s problems for sure, but the rewards for the efforts and perseverance are incredible.

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