Visualization is such a powerful tool that life will become so much easier if you use this tool on a consistent basis.  If you can visualize the best times of your life from your past.  Then visualize your future using all the same emotions that you remembered the past.  Can you feel it, see it clearly, can you taste it and so on.  Once you can get in touch with all your senses then the visualization becomes clear.  Ultimately your goal will become clear.

We hold a Come as You Will be Gala every year now and this allows people to see themselves 5 years in the future having achieved all their goals.  This is visualization on steroids and for those people who play full out, by the end of the evening your  vision is so fully entrenched into your psyche that you come away feeling like nothing will stop you.

Use visualization as a daily tool to keep you on the path to your goals.

Don’t dream life, Live the dream!


Marg MacLean