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Introduction to AMDs

Attraction Marketing Devices – what are they?  If you want to be super successful, you need to know the answer to this question. Watch this short video to see what they are, and how you can use them to effectively reach AND sell to your target market.



See what I mean?  Are you already using an AMD in your business?  How’s it working for you?  What AMD works best?


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Are you charging enough?

Believe it or not, UNDER charging for your products and services is worse than OVER charging.  Are you making this critical mistake?


Have you had a bad experience with under pricing or under valuing your services?  Would you care to share?


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People are Different

Here’s a real bombshell… people do not all think alike.  Shocking, right?

But here’s the point: if people think about things differently, and feel different things are more or less important, why do we always sell the same way?

Watch this video to get some thoughts and ideas on how to reach people where they live, and to concentrate on the things that matter most to THEM.


Do you have any great tips for reaching people effectively?  Please tell us!


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What do people think of you?

When it comes to selling yourself and your business to people, what they think of you and your “stuff” is vitally important.  Watch this video to see both what I mean, and what you can do to figure it out.



What are your favorite ways of gaining intel on what people think of you, your products / services and your offers?


bob business networking Success

What do your business cards say about you?

With a little thought, your business cards can turn from marketing afterthought into a major selling tool.  They can also turn you from a low end loser into a legitimate player.  See how.



What’s the best and worst cards you’ve ever seen?  What about them impressed you, or made you cringe?



Build Rapport – Important Step in the Sales Process


When stepping through the sales process learn when to ask for the sale and not too.

Building rapport with a potential client is the critical part of the sales process.

If the sale is not available immediately then build rapport for the referrals.

Referrals are king for your business.

Let me know your challenges with sales

Marg MacLean


Challenge to Your Sales Process

What challenges are you having in your sales process?

Does the whole thing just scare you to death?

I will be doing a series of blogs giving tips on sales process.

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