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It’s International Women’s Day

To all the women of the world – Happy International Women’s Day!

From all of us at Global Nexus TV and NEWBI System, we wish all women everywhere a day of reflection and celebration. A day of minimum struggle and maximum opportunity.


Today is a day to celebrate the successes of the past year, and to reflect on the goals and the work still to come. Enjoy the day! Celebrate what you’ve accomplished! Then roll up your sleeves and prepare for the year ahead.


We wish all the great women of the world all the success they richly deserve. Global Nexus TV and NEWBI System stand ready to help make this coming year your best yet!

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Entrepreneurs vs. Small Business Owners – Which are you?

OK, there’s a fair bit of overlap between the worlds of the entrepreneur and the small business owner.  In fact. some people use the words interchangeably, putting whichever into their writing that sounds the best.  Despite the overlap and definitely contrary to those who see them as the same, there are several significant differences between the two.  Knowing the difference and knowing which you are are critical to you developing a success strategy that both succeeds and takes you the fulfilling future you envision.

Have a watch and see for yourself.


So… which are you?  Have you developed a plan for yourself that takes best advantage of your default position as an entrepreneur or small business owner?  Let NEWBI help you to reach your success if you haven’t!  How about leaving some comments on this topic for the rest of us too!


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People are Different

Here’s a real bombshell… people do not all think alike.  Shocking, right?

But here’s the point: if people think about things differently, and feel different things are more or less important, why do we always sell the same way?

Watch this video to get some thoughts and ideas on how to reach people where they live, and to concentrate on the things that matter most to THEM.


Do you have any great tips for reaching people effectively?  Please tell us!


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Summer Networking

Are you “winter networking” in the warm weather?  If so, watch this short video to see how to have more fun and make more / better questions in the warmer weather!



What great tips do you have for summer networking?


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Be happy by being happy

Have you ever heard the saying “be the change”? It’s true!

So… if you wish the world was a happier, nicer place, be that change.  Be happy by consciously being happy!

Tell us a story about a time when you being nice to a stranger really perked up your day.



A minute for DE-Motivation?

Do you sometimes not get the results you expected?  Do you ever wonder why?  Today we have a minute for DE-motivation…


Remember, how you do anything is how you do everything.



Being an Entrepreneur is HARD!!!!!



When people start their own business, they think they have to do everything.

This can and does become very overwhelming!

There are tips to get you on the track and get the work done and you can stop pulling your hair out.

As Jim Rohn said:  Don’t wish it was easier, Wish you were better.


Marg MacLean


You Can Do It – Don’t stop Growing

The absolutely tremendous importance of hanging around liked minded people and getting the alliance with people say YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!

Jan Miller

Head Gal