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Topics We Speak On

  • Business Building Techniques
  • The 8 Deadly Viruses that Will Kill Your Business and the Cure
  • Mind Set – Goal Setting
  • The Sandwiched Entrepreneur – Balancing Life and Business
  • Bringing Creativity to your Mission
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Our Primary Speakers

Margaret MacLean

Margaret MacLean started her entrepreneurial endeavours at age 9 by charging her brothers to do their chores.  Attending “See You At the Top” with Zig Ziglar was a pivotal moment in Marg’s personal growth and development journey.  Since that time, Marg and her husband Bob have been dedicated business owners and life-long learners.  Marg  speaks passionately to others especially “sandwiched entrepreneurs” on the topics of finding your passion, building strong contacts and managing your business and your life.

Bob MacLean

Bob was an IT guy for over 30 years.  Bob is the Head Guy at the NEWBI System and has truly found his passion.  Bob counsels new entrepreneurs bring their business to the next level.  Bob’s greatest gift is his creativity to forwarding new ideas and new ways of looking and thinking about your business.  Bob has taught and spoken all his career and loves seeing the results a new idea implemented into a persons business.

About Us

The NEWBI System is dedicated to new entrepreneurs, and to the spirit that lies within us all. We dedicate ourselves to teaching, leading, coaching, training you… to do whatever it takes to get you to your success… success as YOU define it. Please invest the time to review our site and find the benefits and resources waiting for you. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to . We love talking to people about what we do!

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The NEWBI System

162 Guelph Street, Unit 222

Georgetown ON Canada, L7G 5X7

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