NEWBI Membership Benefit: Shazaam Websites


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Free Website & 1 Year Hosting!

[text_block style=”style_1.png” align=”left”]Every member gets a free WordPress website and 1 year of hosting.  Use this website to further your business in any way you need.

Use this FREE website to:

  • Create a site for your business
  • Create a blog site to compliment your business
  • Start a second line of business, or a new business
  • Create a sales funnel for an internet marketing campaign
  • Create something for your hobby or a local community group

In fact, do anything you want with it.

This free site comes loaded with WordPress and you can have email addresses as part of it as well.  The sky is the limit here… use it to take you and your business where you want to go.

This free offer does not include a domain name.  You can purchase the domain name through the website setup process, or use one that you’ve purchased elsewhere.  Your call.  Our support staff will be standing by to answer your questions and to help you do what you want to do.

When you are setting this free site up, you will be asked for your credit card.  Your card will not be charged until the second year, and then only if you choose to keep your website.  There are no costs or charges involved with cancelling the site, so if you find that the site isn’t meeting your needs, cancel it before the year is up and you won’t owe a penny.

This offer is worth several hundred dollars in terms of time and resources.  Once again, this one single offer more than pays for the Lifetime Legacy International Community Membership… and that’s exactly how we like it.  We want to make the decision to become a member of Legacy rediculously easy.  This is how we start!