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  • Topic: Pay Less Taxes
  • Presenter(s):  Craig Dunkerly
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    NEWBI System is delighted to introduce Mr. Craig Dunkerley as our guest in this webinar!

    Craig is the CEO and Founder of the Blackthorn Group, a Financial Services and Accounting firm.  He is a #1 International Best Selling Author, an Entrepreneur and a sought after Keynote Speaker as well.

    Craig has made it his mission to put Millions of dollars back into the pockets of people just like you.  He has shown thousands of people how to generate large tax refunds year after year and how put that money right back in their pocket.

    He will help you discover how to stop paying such high bank investment fees and how to convert this into much larger investment gains that stay within YOUR portfolio.

    Craig is a respected business owner and entrepreneur who owns multiple businesses and investment properties throughout North America.