Mindset and Success comes Before the Money?

What does that mean?  How is it that I need to have a certain mindset and success in my head before I have it in my bank account? You need to live your life as if you have what you want before you get it.  This prepares you to live the life you want.  That does not mean buy a car you can not afford or spend money that you can not afford but know what you will do, when the money is not an issue.


Mindset and success is a Transition


When you put yourself in the right mindset and success, when you reach your goal you are prepared to live the kind of life you dreamed of. The trick is how do you figure out what the mindset is? Sometimes people need to define what success is.  For everyone it is different.  Mindset and Success is when you come to the point in your life where you make the conscious decision that you are going to stop wishing for your life and start living your life.  Work is still going to be the key to achieving this state, lets face it nothing comes to you without work.  Sit down and write down what your life will look like when you finally can reach what you are satisfied with.  This will put you in the right mindset and success will come.

Goals will help with Mindset and Success


To maintain the mindset and success write your goals down.

That is daily goals, monthly goals and yearly goals and potentially many years in the future goals.

This will help you stay on track.  When I sit down to work everyday I write down that days goals.  After I write today’s goals down I look at the previous days and tick off the ones achieved and re-evaluate the ones I did not achieve.

There are many reasons why you did not achieve a goal and when you use this method of keeping on track it is very rare that the reason you did not reach one goal was for a frivolous reason.  The other major point to keep in mind is don’t beat your self up for missing a goal.  Re evaluate the goal and put it down on a new day.

Don’t let your self talk (and yes everyone talks to themselves) destroy the good you are doing when you set goals.

Mindset and Success after 30 days


Once you have put yourself on a regime of setting goals you will find your life has changed even after 30 days.  Your attitude will be over the top.  You will be with ease going through your day and getting done what needs to get done.

Please note that you set goals every day and you are trying to keep to them, you also need to goal down time into your week.  Reward yourself that since you are so on track that you have a night off.  This is a night of no emails, no cell phone just plain ole’ fun!

Your mindset and success is coming to believe in what you are doing.

If you are having a hard time getting your self on track, drop me a line and I would love the opportunity to help you get going.

This is my goal to help 1000 people get onto the track of success in 2015


All the best



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