NEWBI Membership Benefit:  Annual Membership at Goodlife Fitness

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This is a Canada-only benefit… sorry everyone else!
To our American members – A VERY similar benefit is coming very shortly!
Starting in mid-February 2014, Legacy International Community members in Canada can get a hugely discounted membership at GoodLife Fitness!
This isn’t some cut down, juiceless trial offer either.  This is the full membership service.  This includes the use of ALL GoodLife facilities across the country AND it includes the towel service too.  What’s even better is the size of the discount.  Legacy has worked a deal to give its members a nearly 50% discount off the regular rate.  This is AWESOME!
Let me tell you just how awesome this is… if you aren’t yet a member, but want to take advantage of this benefit, you can pay the one-time Lifetime membership fee, then get this GoodLife members and STILL SAVE HUNDREDS.  This is incredible.
So here’s the deal… we want you as a member AND we want you to live a long, healthy and active life.  So we are giving you a major deal.
If you are a Legacy member:
·         GoodLife annual full membership
·         Legacy gym bag and water bottle
All for just $550
If you are NOT a Legacy member:
·         GoodLife annual full membership
·         Legacy gym bag and water bottle
·         Lifetime Legacy Membership
All for just an amazing $645
Of course, there are tons more benefits for members too, and many more to come.  But with this one single benefit, you totally pay for your membership to Legacy… and the value of THAT is massive.
What other Legacy benefits?  How about these:
·         Free WordPress website AND a year of free hosting
·         Deal on game changing financial planner software… before the rest of the world too
·         Super Business Directory – like dating for businesses
… and so much more.
Any one of these benefits completely pays for or saves you MORE than the cost of Legacy membership.  And every member gets ALL of them, with more to come.  Frankly speaking, entrepreneurs and small business people simply can’t afford to NOT be a Legacy member!


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